National Technology Day: Five ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made an impact on our lives

National Technology Day: Five ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made an impact on our lives

Today, it's impossible to image our lives without technology. It has seamlessly integrated itself into our daily functioning

Abhay PaiUpdated: Saturday, May 07, 2022, 09:47 PM IST
Photo: Pixabay

As a tech enthusiast, it is always intriguing to know about the various developments happening in the tech space. When Artificial Intelligence (AI) came into our lives, it was a novel, interesting and maybe even future-oriented concept. AI, which is intelligence demonstrated by machines,is seen now in our day-to-day lives. Technology is no longer a far-away phenomenon and is here to stay to help us become more efficient.

Here are some ways in which AI has affected our daily lives and we use it without realising it.

Smart shopping: If you have shopped online, there is a good chance that AI has been a part of your experience. AI plays an important role in digital assistance technology and web searches. Chatbots are another function of AI which is often seen while shopping online, making your purchase journey more assisted and hassle-free. These chatbots are programmed to answer questions asked by customers and help with solving simple issues.

Breaking language barriers: Have you ever been to a place where you did not know the language and were not able to communicate? Thanks to Google translate and other apps, it’s now easy to communicate with people of varied cultures and languages. Google Translate is a function of Artificial Intelligence.

Intuitive lifestyle apps: AI helps in adapting to human likes and choices smoothly. It helps in recognising designs and patterns and takes on after that. It helps the customer make quicker and easier choices based on their tastes or needs. For example, fitness tracking apps understand the user’s needs and then suggest fitness activities based on their requirements. Similarly, audio streaming apps recommend songs based on your tastes and even moods, thus making the user experience more engaging.

Enabling secure financial transactions: AI has been deployed in our banking and security systems as well. This is to detect frauds that are likely to happen. It helps in detecting whether a transaction is ‘normal’ or fraudulent. Every time you purchase a product online or at a store, AI helps verify the purchase and shares OTPs that are only shared with you and for a one-time purpose.

Smart devices: Smart devices like a smartwatch, smart AC, smart fridge etc, which make our lives easier by understanding our needs are all AI-run. Refrigerators understand the different kinds of food that have been kept in the fridge and adjust their thermostat accordingly. Smart devices like Alexa, Siri or even the LED lights accept voice commands.

AI has already made a huge impact and has invaded our day to day life. It is now just a matter of time for AI to take over every aspect of our lives and create a technological revolution.

(The writer is Co-Founder & CTO, StepSetGo)