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Updated on: Sunday, January 09, 2022, 12:18 AM IST

BMW iX Flow, ASUS Zenbook 17, Kohler PerfectFill and others: Here are some cool gadgets and innovative tech that were on display at CES 2022

From ‘invisible headphones’ to a colour changing car, here’s a rundown of the coolest gadgets and electronic products from the recently-concluded trade show
Kohler PerfectFill


Kohler PerfectFill |


Back To The Future predicted flying cars by 2015, well, it’s been seven years and flying cars are still a distant dream. However, flying cars apart, one place which is like a wonderland for tech geeks across the world is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held annually in Las Vegas.

Here, on display are gadgets, gizmos coolest tech tricks that look as if they have jumped from a sci-fi movie or a cyberpunk game and straight into the trade show. The Consumer Electronics Show is organised by the Consumer Technology Association for companies across the globe to introduce, tease, launch and showcase path-breaking and often mind-boggling technological innovations. The CES was back in action this past week and concluded on January 7, a day prior to its planned finale. The show was held in a hybrid mode, with companies opting to go in person while some took part virtually. Irrespective of the mode of participation, there have been some unimaginable and futuristic products that have caught everyone’s attention from the show this year. Here are some innovative products, which will make you go ahh!

Kohler PerfectFill

Ever wondered if you’ll get the luxury of a pre-filled hot water bath, with just the right temperature and level using just a voice command? Kohler’s PerfectFill bath offers just that through the company’s app or the touchscreen digital panel that can be mounted on the wall. One can draw the bath automatically to the ideal temperature and depth using the app, without the need to monitor; operate the bath remotely, which means you can pre-plan your bath (setting the bath on your way back from work, for example) and draining the bath simply using voice-command.

Sony’s Vision S SUV


Arguably the biggest announcement at the CES 2022 and in the global automotive industry was Sony’s foray into electric cars with the formation of Sony Mobility Inc. According to the company, it will focus on bringing out electric cars leveraging Sony’s expertise in AI, robotics, entertainment, sensors, gaming and display technologies. This intention was evident with the Vision S SUV, a 7-seater that comes with 40 high sensitivity, high resolution, wide dynamic range CMOS sensors and LiDAR sensors derived from Sony's industry-leading camera unit, which give accurate 3D spatial awareness to the car. In addition to that, the car boasts 5G connectivity, PlayStation and Bravia IPs integrated via a digital service that will work alongside 5G.

Noveto N1 ‘Invisible Headphones’


Possibly the biggest announcement for the audio industry at the CES 2022 was the Noveto N1 audio device, which the company dubs as ‘invisible headphones’. Noveto N1 uses beamforming technology to create a binaural audio experience and works by transmitting ultrasound silently through the air, which converges into audible pockets just outside of your ears — creating an experience similar to wearing a pair of headphones. According to the company, others in the room would be able to hear a “whisper of a sound”, while the user is immersed in three-dimensional spatial audio. Sensors on the device can detect any movement of a user’s head and help the N1 track your ears, ensuring your experience is uninterrupted.

Fluigent OMI Mini Lab

A pioneering and game-changing innovation, the Fluigent OMI Mini Lab is an automated mini laboratory that models the human organ system by ‘emulating biology through organ-on-chip to predict the human response’. This means that drugs can be directly tested in the 15cm x 8cm box instead of on animals and/or humans. What’s truly path-breaking is that technology can recreate living conditions and carry out DNA or Pathogen testing with reduced duration and overall costs, which is a huge step forward in microfluidics. The Fluigent OMI can connect to WiFi and iOS/Android devices, work on battery, fit any microscope, store data on a cloud and be operated remotely.

Imuzak 3-D steering-wheel display


Holograms on your car’s dashboard are no longer just a sci-fi prop. The Imuzak 3-D steering-wheel display with holograms on the dashboard of your car provides details about the map, ATMs near you, restrooms, and more. It can be operated using touch on a microlens on top of a 2.8-inch screen fitted on the steering.

BMW iX Flow

BMW's iX Flow, a prototype, will change the auto industry if it becomes a reality. Why you ask? Because it changes colour from black to white and vice versa with the press of a button. It uses a technology called shade changing ink. This can be used to significantly change the temperature of your car using white on hotter days and black on colder ones. However, the model is in the prototype stage and it might years before it becomes available in the market.

ASUS Zenbook 17

Foldable smartphones became a reality last year, but what about foldable laptops? Laptops are inherently “foldable” but not with an end-to-end full-screen display. That was until ASUS launched Zenbook 17, which boasts a massive 17.3 inch OLED display when unfolded. When folded, the laptop converts into a 12.3-inch clamshell with an on-screen touch keyboard on the lower half. Other features include an Intel U-Series processor, up to 16GB of RAM and 1TBof storage, 3.5 combo audio jack, Thunderbolt 4 Type C port, 75Wh li-poly battery, and more.

Samsung’s Eco Remote

You’ll never have to worry about your remote batteries running out as Samsung has unveiled its new Eco Remote that charges wirelessly through a WiFi. While the South Korean tech giant had launched a solar-powered Eco Remote at CES last year, the new Eco Remote truly changes the game as it uses radio frequency emitted a WiFi router to charge the batteries.

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