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Guiding Light: Transformation of a spirit


Transformation of a Spirit is a process of seeking its growth. What lies within you, yoga believes, also remains at a macro level outside of you. The eternal truth that pervades is that nothing here, neither within nor outside, remains constant.

If a tree grows in a forest, and the same seed is used to grow another tree, irrespective of anyone’s wish or desire, they can never be identical. The leaves they bear and fruits they yield, their life, its effect on our lives, its direction and journey – all unique. That is also the essence of us as humans – we may seem one and the same, but we aren’t.

Once we understand this magical gift of human life, how does this link to one’s spiritual journey? The answer to this is – take a step at a time. When we consume food, it should be done with complete concentration.

Growing up, we often heard our elders and teachers preach to us – study with full focus before you play with the same intensity. Why are we, now, still talking about it? There is a deep science hidden behind the powers of repetition. When you do an action with a hundred percent of your involvement – its results will also be miraculous.

When practicing spirituality – become spiritual with your mind, body, senses, thoughts, and understanding. This is the essence of the growth of a spiritual seeker – it is a process and will never lead one towards unhappiness.

A common man, who walks out of a town or establishment, can’t be expected to understand the language of a divine connection with something God-like on day one. Same way, each spirit needs to be understood and allowed to grow on their path of spiritual seeking as a gradual process.

When one develops an interest in spirituality, before they walk on their own feet without holding their mother’s little finger, they crawl like a baby. Soon, they are adept not only to run a marathon but also possibly to fly high in the sky, with soaring birds and passing clouds. This is how one can expect gradual propulsion in their spiritual journey, leading to their transformation as a spirit.

(The author is a spiritual yogic master. Founder, chairman and course director of Akshar Yoga, and president of the World Yoga Organisation)

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