Guiding Light: The second wave

The second wave of the coronavirus is having a dance of death across the country. Yes, we were caught napping. Yes, the government made some initially in handling it. Yes, we require medicines, oxygen etc. People say – We don’t want to be positive. We want the government to take greater responsibility.’ Very true. After the initial hiccups, the government is getting its act together. Oxygen plants are being set up and medicines are being imported. At the same time, as ordinary citizens, we were also caught napping. We too started sneaking off to holidays, having large wedding celebrations. Yes, political rallies too. This morning when I went to pick up essentials from the market, I saw people with masks around their chin. Even now! This shows that we are still practising risky behaviours.

We are compounding the problem with negativity and panic including on social media. Nowhere in the world media have we seen the number of deaths, funerals being played and portrayed in such a negative fashion. Even one death is too many. At the same time, in a once in a 100-year pandemic we have to keep some perspective. The cases per million are also the lowest in the world. Our response is not all that bad.

Definitely, it can be improved. Instead of blindly becoming negative and reacting, can we take a more responsible and positive stance? Instead of blaming can we see how we can improve the situation? Many doctors publicly and privately have said that less than 10% require hospitalization but panic-stricken people are rushing and occupying hospital beds which would be better utilized for those who really need it. But, in panic, we also appear breathless. The doctors who admit us cannot take a risk and put us on oxygen. So, let us resolve to be more proactive.

Let us resolve to have more Covid appropriate behaviours. No partying. Wearing masks and practising social distancing. We can continue to build our immune system with exercise, nutrition and praanayama-s. I am sure that in the next two weeks the cases will start dropping.

(The writer is the founder of Aarsha Vidya Foundation. You can write to him

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