Guiding Light: Surya Dhyaan
Anna Rise

Surya Dhyaan or Surya Sadhana is a pious practice where we surrender our humble offerings to the Sun energy. Through special mantras and the sincerity of our spirits, these worldly offerings transcend physical form and enter a spiritual realm. It is a powerful formula to develop a true and fruitful bond with the sun within us and the Sun energy or Surya.

Your intention must be to build a bond and connection with the Sun God. This is similar to the practice of offering water to Him. In some cases, this is an elaborate ritual as people offer rice, fruits, flowers, kumkum etc. No matter what your practise is whether it is asana or pranayama, if you are doing any particular austerity, practising mudra or interpreting spirituality, always remember to bring your awareness to your breath.

This particular practice of Surya Dhyaan or Surya Sadhana involves an elaborate ritual with various spiritual paraphernalia such red (Laal) kumkum, sandalwood (Chandan), Ganga Jal, rose water (Gulab Jal), fruits, flowers, etc. Diyas or lamps that are made out of mud and copper containers are idea to perform these rituals. Practitioners are required to wear comfortable, loose-fitted clean white clothes, and also use a light coloured if not white mat to place on the floor.

In this powerful technique, the mind and the body are considered to be equal. Science and emotions are considered indistinguishable. To prepare for this practice, you are required to focus on developing an attitude of surrender. Through this practice, one can add vigour, power and strength to their mind. It carves the path towards a better understanding of this powerful, divine energy. These practices make your body strong and study.

The most significant development from this practice is the boost in your willpower. No matter which situation you end up in life you will never fall into darkness. The sun’s brightness can never be hidden for too long. Our life is like this many times we face failure and confusion. During such times, these practices will bestow its fruit upon you.

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