Guiding Light: Receive as much as is your capacity

-- Grand Master Akshar

In order to realise all your dreams, you must understand if your capacity to receive matches your desires or goals. Therefore, you need to recognise your capacity for your success and growth. To increase your capacity, you have to keep in mind these this Sutras or formula. The way to increase your capacity is through goodness. You can increase the size of your container by performing good deeds.

When you cultivate the quality of goodness in your life, it will transform your existence. By consciously adding the practice of good deeds, we will then be able to live in any manner we dream of. When you have made efforts to move towards goodness, rest assured that good is moving towards you too. Your good deeds will be paid back to you and there will be a reciprocation of effort and energy. All you have to do is to wait for the goodness that is headed your way.

Your actions are your ticket to enter the world of your choice. When you consciously spread the quality of joyful optimism, you are making room to receive and welcome good. This will make you eligible to enjoy the benefits of your good deeds. Whenever you feel low, or depressed you need to bounce back. Overcome your sadness and lift yourself up even if there is no one beside you to help you up.

Understand that this is what you needed at this point in your life to transform yourself. By expanding your energies, you are preparing to enter a world of goodness. This is a world that will fulfil you, and make you happy. Experience a blissful state of completeness as you celebrate the joy this existence realising all your goals. So this is the secret in order to grow your powers of success and prosperity.

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