Guiding Light: Reality or perception

When we look at debates across various platforms we see a lot of heat and noise and very little light. It happens because as far as the functioning world is concerned, hardly anyone sees the reality. Most of it is our perception. All of us perceive some data and on the basis of that data have our own interpretations. The problems arise because we think our perceptions are our reality.

I would go so far as to venture that in our functioning world we only have perceptions. Once we recognise that they are only perceptions and not the reality, one would be more open, accepting and accommodating of other viewpoints. We need to debate and discuss because that would be one way of reconciling our perceptions and standpoints.

Seeing that our perceptions are one way of looking at the reality it would make us more honest and open to seeing what the reality is. To perceive the reality in any situation requires a great deal of objectivity and human beings are conditioned with social, cultural viewpoints and baggage that it is very difficult to truly becoming objective. The first step in becoming objective is to recognise the fact that there is a lot of subjectivity in us. This in turn would help one recognise that this is the perception one has today.

Some say that India is not testing enough for the virus. Others are saying that only 8% of the tested population are positive. Also, cases are rising. But 82% of the new cases seem to be asymptomatic or so mild that it does not require any treatment.

Then, is it as alarming as we think it is? What are the facts there? I let you decide. All these are perceptions or interpretations of the data available. It takes a great deal of objectivity to come to the truth of it, if at all we come to it. Therefore let us keep our perceptions open to question and let us accept that there may be more than one perception as far as the functioning reality is concerned.

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