Guiding Light: Qualities of the Perfect Disciple

Grand Master Akshar, Spiritual Guide & Yogapreneur

The Guru enhances the powers of the disciple, he gives rise to a desire within the student to fill the world with light. This is because to see the student’s capacity is a very big role of the Guru. After this comes surrender, and the third quality is devotion. These are the 3 qualities that a Guru perceives within the disciple. So when the question is about your success, or growth, you have to keep in mind these three Sutras or formulae.

Try to figure out how you can increase your capacity. If your focus is on your physical body, then build your physical capacity accordingly. Or if you are interested in understanding the powers of your mind, or in the subjects that are related to the mind, then you must prepare your mental capacity accordingly. If it is spirituality that you seek, then you must work on your spiritual capacity, and how you can receive more of it.

This is because, as long as you do not become a container to receive energies, you will not be able to absorb any information or knowledge. Just like if you are trying to fill water in an earthen pot, but there is a hole at the bottom. No matter how much water you fill in it, it is wasted. Secondly, the power of surrendering- you should have such a mind that once you decide you want knowledge, then you surrender with all your intelligence, and perform each and every task in your life as if it is the prime purpose of your life.

Let us take the example of Arjuna, when he was given a task, he proceeded to complete it with his full heart and involvement. The third quality is that of devotion. Even God Himself gives out the same message in the Bhagavad Gita. If you can pray with devotion and get God’s mercy, then how can you not receive your Guru’s knowledge if you have devotion in you? However pure, and natural the quality of devotion is within you, you will keep evolving and progressing accordingly. So these are the three qualities that a disciple needs to imbibe in order to grow his/her powers for success and prosperity.

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