Guiding Light: Let go, Let go, Let God!

Let go, let go, let God– is my mantra for troubled souls. Why have you clung to your burdens all these years? Drop them. Draw strength from the words of the Gita, the voice of the Lord that comes floating to us across the centuries: “Renouncing all rites and writ duties, come to Me for single refuge, and I shall liberate you from bondage to suffering and sin. Of this have no doubt.”

The secret of true faith is in three words: “Let it go!”

Let it go! Let go of your fears, your guilt, your problems and your frustrations. Let go in God’s name! For He is the support and sustenance of your life. There are no obstacles on your path that He cannot clear; no problems that He, in His mercy and wisdom cannot solve!

If you want to be at peace, if you want to feel that God is watching over your life, if you want to feel the abundant love of God in your heart, if you wish to live in the present moment, then just let go of all your anxieties and worries, let go of all the constraints which are oppressing you; hand your life over to God, and watch miracles happen!

Let go, let go, let God! Make this your mantra of faith.

If you are frustrated, disappointed, hurt, unhappy, if you find that, in spite of putting forth your best efforts, you have failed, then let me say this to you: Let go, let go, let God! Let go of everything, and let God take charge of all your affairs! If only you can do this, you will find miracles happen in your daily life. You will see limitations washed away and new opportunities open. God will work through you to bring your highest good into visible expression in your life.

Begin right now to repeat the words, let go, let go, let God! As you continue to repeat this mystic formula, either silently or audibly, it will open the way for the flow of Divine power, and you will be blessed.

(Dada J.P. Vaswani is humanitarian, philosopher, educator, acclaimed writer, powerful orator, messiah of ahimsa, and non-sectarian spiritual leader.)

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