Guiding Light: Know your inner self through the education

What is education? - In simple terms, it is a way to keep understanding the world around us, to make sense of it and to prepare us for a living. All parents dream of providing quality education to their children so that the children can attract better opportunities in life. It is true that the more you learn, the better opportunities you will have to knock on your door to go to work, etc., but we rarely see that education is the key to overcoming any obstacle in life. Education helps you to see and understand a world beyond the realm of intangibles or prejudices.

In today's world, with many countries facing major problems such as climate change, terrorism, poverty, misinformation and more, the importance of a good education has become even more critical. Education can make a big difference in building a better future, so we should allow children to immerse themselves in a sea of knowledge so that they can overcome any challenge. It helps us develop our ideas and build points for looking at different things in life.

You could argue that going to school or an educational institution is about learning a few subjects and gaining knowledge. But to change the world around us, information needs to be transformed into information with the help of relevant education. Education enables us to interpret things, not only in textbooks but also in our general environment.

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