Guiding Light: How to become consciousness of the divine force

You must become conscious. Aspire, ask, aspire sincerely. You see, generally speaking, you are here, we have a class, we have just read something, you have questions to ask; while you are here you ask questions and think of the subject. But as soon as you go out or go home, you think of a thousand other things, don’t you? So, how do you expect that you will become conscious of the divine Force? We have hardly about half an hour here, that’s not a very long time to become conscious of the Force.

But if it is your sole preoccupation, if truly, with all your being, you want to become conscious of the divine Force, you will be able to. You can’t, simply because you think about it from time to time; when the subject comes up, you ask yourself, “Why it is true, how can I do it?” And then, the next minute you don’t think about it anymore.

So, how do you expect this to happen? You must be very attentive, you must be very silent, must observe yourself very clearly. And you must be very humble; that is, be willing not to play a great part in all this story.

The misfortune is that usually either the vital being or the mental being or even the physical being is very anxious to play a part, very anxious. So, it swells up, takes up a lot of places, covers the rest; and it covers it so well that one can’t even become aware of the presence of the divine Force because the personal movement of the physical, the body, the vital, the mind, cover everything with its own importance.

Listen: if every evening before going to sleep you take off only a tiny minute, like that, and in this little minute, with all the concentration you are capable of you ask to become conscious of the divine Force, simply like that, nothing more; in the morning when waking up, before beginning your day, if you do the same thing, take a minute off, concentrate as much as you can and ask to become conscious of the divine Force, you will see, after some time, it will happen. Nothing but these small things which are nothing at all and take no time. One day it will happen.

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