Guiding Light: Heartfulness meditation

In the last decade, meditation has gained popularity to become a cure for all ills plaguing humanity as it yearns for peace, positivity, gratitude and forgiveness today. Meditation is also the top tool working to combat the menace of stress. And even among the plethora of meditations, heartfulness meditation has got the top billing from its practitioners.

Heartfulness meditation takes a four-pronged approach to mitigating stress. First comes relaxation. Putting the entire body at rest and peace is vital to sustaining complete well-being. A relaxed body acts as an impregnable wall against stress. This state is achieved through silent self-affirmations in a guided environment.

The second approach is meditation. Heartfulness meditation entails the practitioner to dive deeper into the mind, penetrate the cause of moods and feelings. The process also involves awakening intuition and consciousness. It is known widely that the mind rules over matter. Every creation happens through the mind. And so when we pacify the mind, we have mastered control over our creative powers, the powers to recharge, relax and rejuvenate.

The third step is cleaning. Just as it becomes hard to carry heavy shopping bags beyond a point, so too the burden of unwanted emotions and mental toxins. Through the process of cleaning, we lighten our mental load, bring inner joy to the forefront replace bad habits with good ones and condition our inner selves into being free of energy contamination.

A relaxed mind leads to a meditative mind. A meditative mind cleans the impurities by itself. And a clean mind is ready to forge the connection with the source of infinite energy within. The final step is inner connect. This is generally undertaken when an individual is set to sleep. While at sleep, we enter our subconscious. The subconscious is an extremely powerful space for goal manifestation. In the Heartfulness protocol, we bring a prayerful intent, listen to our inner voice, and visualise a holistic destiny. A destiny that leads us from stress management to self-realisation. Heartfulness is the key to lasting peace in a world dotted by moments of unending anxiety, stress and turmoil.

(The author is a founder of Dudes & Dolls World, Adhyay School, and Ritesh Rawal Foundation)

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