Guiding Light: Freedom from thoughts

Few people are aware of the thoughts that pass through their minds. Thinking is performed like a habit, in an automatic manner. If the thoughts are positive, then it is all right, but if they are negative, they may cause trouble. How you train your mind and which habits you cultivate —all depends on your choice. If there is no filter to process the thoughts that enter the mind, there is no freedom. Then all actions are like the actions of a puppet on a string, though no one will admit it.

There is an erroneous concept prevalent, which states that peace of mind is sought and can be attained only by people who lead a life in ashrams or monasteries. Some even think that real peace of mind is an illusion and cannot be attained. These are erroneous assumptions. Some might attain a higher level of peace and others a lower level, yet everyone can gain at least some measure of inner peace.

You can transform your life. You can change the state of your mind! Even a small amount of inner peace would do a great deal to you. Are you afraid of some effort? Can't you spare just a few minutes for making your mind and life calm, with less fear and worries? One might wonder whether it is really possible at all to acquire this ability. Yes, it is possible, but this requires training and inner work through the practice of Rajyoga meditation.

Rajyoga is very ancient art and it is the king of all yogas. It is very simple and worthy. It deals with mind and thoughts. Many of us fail to deal with our own thoughts, resulting in tension, strain and stress, fatigue, emptiness etc. We are frequently puzzled and perplexed with our own terrible thoughts. We might have tried to change our thought pattern earlier and our proposal might have been rejected or resisted by our own mind.

Rajyoga meditation helps one to achieve inner peace, which forms the basis for your happy life. Through the practice of Rajyoga meditation, one would be able to strengthen one's inner power, stay peaceful and lead a better life even amidst the chaotic and turbulent situations... Om Shanti.

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