Guiding Light: For a clean environment, get rid of polluted mind

If we look up for the dictionary meaning of word pollution, we may find something like ‘to destroy purity of; to contaminate’. However, we humans are only aware of the material pollution in the branches of the polluted tree and we have totally disregarded the seed or root of thought pollution which gave growth to that tree.

So, without destroying the root basis of pollution, the source can never be purified. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the problem of environmental pollution is actually due to pollution of man’s mind which is full of selfishness, jealousy, greed, anger, etc. The problem of ecological imbalance is due to our mental imbalance, and the disequilibrium in nature is due to disequilibrium in man’s mind.

Secondly, we must understand that the problem of pollution is linked with the problem of enormous and rapid population- increase. Also, man’s life-style has become such that there is a great demand for energy and consumer goods. So, more and more trees are cut and forests and farmlands vanish to give place to expanding cities and there is more industrial waste and emission of Co2, So2, etc. So, without reducing population and changing life-style and attitudes, the problem of environmental pollution cannot be solved and it is in this, respect that the help of spiritualists is called for.

Because the ultimate solution to this problem lies in realising the self and also our relationship with other human beings. Remember, great men are those who see that the spiritual force is much stronger than the material force. Hence without a spiritual orientation of the relationship between man and man, moral and spiritual values cannot be brought into play or be sustained, and, in the absence of these core values, no problem can really be solved for considerable length of time.

It is, therefore essential for all of us to understand our real and intrinsic nature behind the mask or the garment of the body to set the direction right. If this is not done, then possibly science without spirituality may dangerously lead mankind to a nuclear catastrophe or population explosion or environmental upheaval. So, let us use the powerful weapon of spiritual wisdom to cleanse our soul from thought pollution and survive in harmony with nature and its elements without any kind of disturbance whatsoever.

(The writer is a spiritual educator and popular columnist for publications across India, Nepal and UK. You can write to him at

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