Guiding Light: Contentment comes from spiritual awareness

When you are on the spiritual path you gradually realise that material success is short lived. Spirituality opens your eyes to the real riches the universe has in store for you. The lessons and the experiences that you encounter in your journey on the spiritual path add up to your sense of contentment. Whatever you have in your life in the present moment brings you immense joy and peace. The process of spiritual awareness makes you satisfied with the work that you do, with the comforts that you have, and all the other things that you enjoy in this life. Being on the spiritual path also helps you to gain the realisation that nothing is your doing. It may be dawn on you that there is a higher power or higher force at play.

Spiritual awareness allows you to become less attached to people, things, and circumstances. This sense of detachment or non-attachment gives you a certain sense of freedom. You will find it easier to be able to let go. You will have an inner knowing that whatever is destined for you will surely be yours in due time. It is this that fills you with satisfaction and you do not crave that which you do not have. Spirituality forces you to naturally let go of the craving for things people and situations.

You can practice meditation techniques like Aakash Ganga Dhyan or Galaxy Meditation and Amrut Dhyan or Nectar Meditation. Whichever technique of meditation that you practice you will receive the benefits corresponding to that specific technique.

(The author is a spiritual yogic master. Founder, chairman and course director of Akshar Yoga, and president of the World Yoga Organisation)

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