Guiding Light by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Truth once found

It is the intellect that divides and that synthesizes. Some creatures in the world only synthesize and some creatures only divide. But the human being has both abilities, he divides and synthesizes. Ants only synthesize, they bring things together and build an ant hill. But monkeys usually don't t synthesize. They prefer to take things apart. You give them a garland for example, and they tear it to pieces and throw it all over the place. A monkey can only divide, or analyse. But a beaver synthesizes, it brings all the wood together and builds a dam.

A human being both analyses and synthesizes. So, you analyse from the relative world and synthesize to find the one. The intellect divides to find the truth. Truth once found synthesizes everything. When the intellect becomes quiet, it brings out the intelligence. Often people think that gathering information makes one intelligent. This is not so. It is the “samadhi; which brings out the intelligence. An unintelligent man, in spite of having all the information, cannot be creative. An intelligent man without much information can be creative.

When life appears most complex, turn to the simplicity. Simplicity brings peace. When you are peaceful, attend to the complexity within you. That will make you more skillful. If you are only with simplicity, it makes you lazy and dull. Being only with complexity makes you angry and frustrated. The intelligent ones balance them and rejoice in both.

If you look only at simplicity, growth is not there. Looking only at the complexity, there is no life at all. All that you need is a skillful balance. If you recognize both simplicity and complexity of life, you will be skillfully peaceful! Colors are the complexity of life. White is the simplicity. When your heart is pure, your life becomes so colorful.

A sign of intelligence is to see the one in many and find the many in one. There is an old Sanskrit proverb: The first sign of intelligence is not to start anything. The second sign of intelligence is if you have started something, you have to continue it to the end.

If you have annoyed somebody, don't stop it in the middle, take him to the edge.

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