Guiding Light: Best way to handle difficult situations

Our journey through life has been perfectly planned by Infinite Love and Infinite Wisdom: there can be no mistake. Every experience that comes to us is just the right experience occurring at the right time to train us in the right way. So let us accept all that comes and never attempt to circumvent anything.

Again and again, we try to run away from what appears to us as an unpleasant experience, and try to avoid what we regard as difficult situations. We may succeed in keeping them away for a while, but we can never avoid them all the time, for they are, indeed, essential to our growth. God means us to face them and so to develop our moral and spiritual muscles. If we avoid an unpleasant experience, it will return to us in due course with redoubled force, and we shall be compelled to take up the challenge until we have learnt the lesson it has come to teach us.

The best way, therefore, to face difficult situations is to accept them and cooperate with their inner purpose, all the while fixing our mind and heart on Him who has planned for each one of us the glorious liberty that belongs to the children of the Spirit.

God is All Love: He is All Wisdom. He is too loving to punish, too wise to make a mistake. He is our loving parent. Approach Him in that spirit. Never throw the blame on Him. It is my own actions (which I may have done in this or in an earlier birth) that are returning to me. I must feel happy that old accounts are being settled, that I am growing lighter, that I am marching steadily to my own happiness. If I can adopt such an attitude, many of my problems will vanish. If I adopt a different attitude, I am becoming my own enemy and I will keep on suffering till the end of my life.

The choice is mine to make. May I have the strength and wisdom always to make the right choice. And may I, inspite of the troubles that surround me, keep on doing as much good as I can to those around me.

(Dada J.P. Vaswani is humanitarian, philosopher, educator, acclaimed writer, powerful orator, messiah of ahimsa, and non-sectarian spiritual leader.)

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