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Last week, we told you how wearing a gemstone according to numerology can increase your luck and bring happiness. After number 1 to number 4, let’s find out which gemstone is best suited for which number...

(...Continued from last week)

EMERALD: Best for those who are associated with number 5. This gem stone is also favourable for people with Virgo as their zodiac sign. This stone improves memory, communication and intuition. Emerald improves heart health and it also brings joy and luck into the wearer’s life. It is also very favourable for students. It also blesses the wearer with wealth. The best day to wear this gem is Wednesday. It should be worn two hours after sunrise.

DIAMOND: This gem stone signifies the planet Shukra, Venus. This stone is favourable for people associated with number 6. It is also very favourable for zodiac signs like Taurus and Libra. This stone enhances name, fame and luxury and improves the wearer’s life quality. It also improves sexual power. The best day to wear this shiny stone is Friday. It should be worn during sunrise. Triangle shaped diamonds should be worn on the right side of the body to get better results.

CAT’S EYE: This stone is best for those who are linked with number 7. It is also very favourable for those whose zodiac sign is Pisces. Wearing cat’s eye brings good luck in the wearer’s life. It also bestows courage and divine strength. Cat’s eye brings forth wealth, fame and influence from government. It also prevents delayed marriage and ensures a happy married life. This gem protects its wearer from hidden enemies, mysterious dangers and diseases. One of the best gems for business purposes. The best day to wear this gem is Thursday and it should be worn at midnight.

BLUE SAPPHIRE: Blue sapphire, better known as Neelam in Hindi, brings good luck and fortune. This gem stone is favourable for people associated with number 8 or those whose zodiac sign is Capricorn. This stone is highly fortunate for those who are born on the 17. You can also opt for sapphire, black pearl, black diamond and amethyst. It counteracts enviousness from others and keeps away evil. Sometimes this stone reacts adversely, so it should be tested for a week before the final wearing. The ideal day to wear this gem is Saturday and it should be worn 2 hours, 40 minutes before sunset.

CORAL: This gem stone is ideally favourable for those associated with number 9. It is also good for the people with zodiac signs as Aries and Scorpio. The stone blesses the wearer with a healthy and prolonged life. It helps tackle all the bodily disorders. Wearing coral in a locket, with open cutting and keeping the name number at an appropriate value, cures Parkinson’s disease to a great extent. It also helps in curing skin related diseases. The best day to wear this gem stone is Tuesday and it should be worn an hour after sunrise.

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