Your Life is What You Make It

Every man is the architect of his own life, hence one can easily say that we all try to make our lives just the way we want it to be, however when something goes wrong, we immediately start looking out for someone or something to blame instead of changing ourselves to better  the situation. Blaming others happens due to lack of vision to recognize and accept our faults and laziness to make amendments. Usually we blame others for our misery, because we feel that things could have been better if the other person behaved properly with us, but we fail to  understand that every action has an opposite and equal reaction, hence instead of looking at self,  we always struggle to set opposite person right. When we are unable to find someone to blame, we end up blaming the situation. However, while doing so, we forget the fact that all the situations in our life are  our own creations, hence according to Karma Philosophy whatever we are experiencing currently is the result of an action, word or thought manifested sometime earlier.

And now when it is time for us to repay, we should readily do it with courage & settle our karmic account to experience burden free state of mind.

 For a spiritual aspirant, unpleasant situations are examinations of life which are necessary to  elevate one’s spiritual stage & help in taking a leap forward in self-progress. Whether we fail or pass in these examination doesn’t matters much, what counts is the courage & vigour with which we face these examinations. For spiritual evolution, the habit of blaming is one of the major obstacles  simply because the first rule of spirituality is observing one’s own self and not the others. Hence it is  very important to take responsibility of the experiences we undergo & make a conscious effort to do the right and be honest and accountable to ourselves because deceiving ourselves will only take us further away from spiritual liberation. So!! stop blaming and start aiming because when you blame others, you give up your power to change.  /

– By Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

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