Without handicap, you can’t succeed-I

Meditation– NO matter whether you are rich or poor or have more problems than the other guy, if all the troubles of the world are gathered together and auctioned off to the highest bidder, most probably we would buy back our troubles than the other guy’s.

There is an anecdote about a farmer who hired a man to sort out the grain and put them in separate sacks. After a few hours, the hired man decided to quit the job. He looked as if he was a lost world. He was perspiring profusely and was looking disheveled, as if digging some ditches. The farmer asked the man whether or not the work was hard for him. The man replied: “No sir, but the decision was killing me.”

Well, it is very difficult to take decisions. We are far better off making mistakes than taking decisions. Most of the delays and postponements are due to the fear of making decisions. This happens in the police very often. The officer is not sure whether a decision to use force to disperse a crowd is right or wrong. Sometimes, it is premature and sometimes it is delayed. The result is that in premature decisions, the force could have been avoided. In delayed decisions, the casualties are more. Ultimately, it is timing of a decision, which comes only through experience. In everyone’s life, the same principle applies.

It is the little decision that takes much time like: “Should I take a cab or walk? Should I take the train or bus? Should I purchase a plain shirt or one with a design?” Well, there is an easy way to get out of the trap. If it does not involve any money do the easier thing than the more difficult. If the decision involves money, choose the less costly, about which you will not regret.

There is the story of an animal trainer, who had heard that nobody can ever make a camel walk backwards. He trained a camel for years to walk backwards and he succeeded. He was invited because of the publicity and advertisement promising something never seen before.

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