True Intelligence Sadhguru, Isha Foundation

Being spiritual is the most intelligent way to exist on this planet. Only when your intelligence rises beyond the mediocre can you turn truly spiritual. Spirituality is not for a fool.

Only a person who is really capable of looking at his life with more intelligence can turn spiritual. This is why spiritual people were always sought after in any part of the world because they exhibited much more intelligence than the common folk.

Intelligence should not be understood only as a logical process. You can be considered truly intelligent only if you cross all limits of life. So what does being spiritual mean? To put it very simply, if you look at your own desiring process, you will see that this desire is insatiable.

You may convince yourself that if you get this much you will be happy, but this is not the truth. If at any time in your life you were at a standard of living well below your current standard, your current standard would have been a dream come true back then.

But when it did come true, after some time it did not mean anything. It is only the next step which means a lot to you.

If you bring awareness and intelligence to your desiring process, you will naturally turn spiritual because your desire will not be satisfied with one more piece of property or a little more power.

It wants the unbounded itself – the whole existence. When you seek this unbounded unconsciously, we call it a materialistic process. When you seek the same unbounded consciously, we call it a spiritual process.

Please see, is it better to seek whatever you may be seeking consciously or unconsciously? It is always better to seek consciously with eyes open rather than closed, isn’t it? So anyway your desire is moving towards the unbounded, seek it consciously.

Because if you try to reach the unbounded unconsciously by adding pieces of property, you are bound to be frustrated. If you seek it consciously, that exhibits your intelligence.

If this conscious seeking does not happen and if you do not experience the unboundedness of your own nature, it does not matter how many things or people you acquire or what great achievements you perform on this planet, your life will never be fulfilled. But if you find this one thing, you will see, your life is fulfilled.

Source: Isha Foundation

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