This Valentine’s Day, revitalise your relationship

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GITA HARI lists numerous therapies to perk up your lacklustre liaison

You have been through several winters together and birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day find nothing special in your intimacy. A cold relationship can ultimately affect your health and well-being. Before you give up on a wilting and lacklustre liaison, realise that all enduring bonds pass over phases of ennui.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s explore some of the holistic therapies to improve and ignite the mystical bond between listless and indifferent couples committed to each other in marriage or otherwise.


Opposites attract
This is not always true as with some people, being on the same page matters the most. It is useful to find out what things you can do differently and what different things you can do together, to generate the warmth and compatibility you once shared.  Getting involved in communal activities and learning about each other’s compassion and feeling towards other people also help in improving your relationship with your partner. A certain amount of pre-set and planned casualness does miracles to an on-the-verge-of-vanishing relationship.

Rekindle the feelings

Simple things go a long way in rekindling the spark. Take time out to be with each other, involve in mutual self-revelation, get adventurous in sex and intimacy, and share views, moods, fantasies, memories and goals.


A major requisite for happiness is inner balance. Over the years, a couple may wean off each other’s conversations and company with personal celebrations becoming nothing more than a chore. Dr. Arun Pillai, Director of Wellness, Hilton Shillim Retreat & Spa in Pune, has curated an individualistic approach ranging from a 3-day to 27-day programme. The Dharana Life Science Programme at Hilton Shillim promises to restore the zealous vibes you once shared with your partner through a holistic blend of Yoga, Ayurveda, Spirituality, Naturopathy, and Balanced diet.

Art of Detox and Elixir of Shillim are also the couple wellness programmes at Hilton Shillim that bring peace and help you find your equilibrium – to pick your lifestyle and get ahead to be enthusiastically and passionately present and involved in the lives of not just your spouse but also with children, family and friends.  Elixir of Shillim’s personalised yoga sessions help you rediscover each other’s positive demeanour, re-programme yourself and alter your mindset. The Art of Detox is not just a regular cleanser of physical toxins but consists of yogic cleansing procedures to recognise your mind toxicity and removes the negative thoughts against each other and start life afresh.


Think positive

A key element while evaluating your relationship is to shift from the negative to the positive. Despite everything, even in an unsatisfying relationship, there ought to be some worthy elements. Therapies to enhance positive thinking work in the betterment of partnership bonds.

Dr Manoj Kutteri, Wellness Director at Atmantan Wellness Centre in Mulshi, suggests, “Complementing the high-touch approach, Atmantan spa also uses technologies supported by medical and scientific research, and also embraces the principles of Pranic healing and bio-energy transfer to the body via water, air and sound. After all, healing paramount is the transfer of positive energy and information to the eventual recipient, the couple!”

He further avers, “Opting for couple fitness and making it a custom will not just ensure a happy family life but also add a zest in times of stress. It is a perfect way of ensuring harmony and bonding with one another with an addition of a healthy self!” Atmantan spa offers a plethora of remedies, all carefully selected to complement and enhance the couples’ aspirations for wellness and to better their relationship quotient.  The extensive menu spans traditional couple massages, cocooning wraps and the Pranic chakra scan and cleanse. It also includes specialist treatments such as the Hammam and Vichy showers where the couple can relax and detox together.

Dance therapy

Indulge in sensory pleasures. They can range from new cuisines or music to new sexual postures. Dr Sheetal Rane, Physiotherapist, Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai, suggests dance therapies like salsa or jive that a couple can decide to enrol for together. “They involve a lot of energy. Most importantly, there is music and a lot of fun time spent together. This helps in enhancing the relationship in a very positive manner. There is also a lot of teamwork involved when you dance together. There has to be chemistry and synchronisation which help to bond. Dancing is a recreational and wellness activity, so it certainly helps improve your relationship,” avers Rane.

Dr. Rane elaborates, “In yoga, there are many asanas that a couple can do together. There is a concept called Acro Yoga which is a combination of yoga and acrobatics. Or there is even Power Yoga. All these are fast-paced and more dynamic than classical yoga.” Since it is fast paced, they are also exciting and can be a great way for a couple to enjoy together. If a couple wants to spend time together, doing yoga together is a great way.”

No matter what technique you choose to reboot your relationship, a person who truly loves you will welcome your efforts and more than match those with his/her own loving response!

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