Sri Aurobindo’s Vision Of Future Existence

Sri Aurobindo had once said that human beings may not be the final rung on the evolutionary scale. That there is every possibility that we might witness the emergence of a new species, one that is above and beyond the present human race as we know it.

Sri Aurobindo believed that if we could make the ascent to overcome our limiting nature, if we could further rediscover the hidden spirit in life, if we could come in contact and open ourselves to the supramental truth, which is Truth Consciousness, then we can change life as we know it. He invited us to take a journey on a path from our current human functioning to a vastly different super functioning that opens the doors to infinite accomplishment, success, and happiness in life.

Experience the Spirit in Life, Not Apart From It
The old spiritual teachings ask us to experience the spirit and its delight apart from life. The new spiritual understanding is to bring spirit into every moment into life, in every act, releasing its infinite potential, and enabling us to experience the infinite delight of existence.

Delight of Being
The ultimate purpose of life is to discover the delight of our existence. We can reach that delight only when we discover our higher nature. The highest nature we can discover is our spiritual nature. When we discover our highest spiritual nature we experience delight; the very reason that the Divine created this universe of forms, for even greater delight.

Going Beyond Our Ignorance to an Integral Knowledge
We are divided beings, born of an essential Ignorance due to our exclusionary view that takes the part we know as the whole. Sri Aurobindo always said that as we rise to discover our True Self within and the spirit internally, we rise in consciousness. When this happens, we rise above the ego. It is the ego that supports the Ignorance. We begin to see the multiplicity of truths, going beyond our part knowledge. This helps break down our ignorance. It helps to break down the falsehood and evil that derives from it. In other words, we move toward an Integral Knowledge of the whole, including seeing the oneness of the spirit and matter, and the creator and the creation. i.e. the vision of the Brahman.

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