Meditate with complete faith & dedication

It is important that we should go into thoughtless awareness and that thoughtless awareness is the real way that your Sahastrara can be nourished by the Kundalini. 

If you are conditioned, you are frightened, you are afraid and you had ideas about yourself these days the way the people say, "I am extrovert".  Somebody says, "I am hippy, I am that, I am that," all kinds of things they can have attributed to themselves, but these ideas are all coming from outside. They are not from inside.

To get to the inner side of yourself, the subtler side of your being, you must allow the Kundalini to go through the Agnya.  To cross the Agnya is a very important thing in modern times and for that you have to say two beeja mantras, one is 'Hum’ another 'Kshum' and meditate.

If you can meditate with complete faith in yourself, this Agnya can be opened out with surrendering to the Divine.  Surrendering yourself to the Divine and when this Agnya opens, you will be amazed, your Sahastrara is just waiting to transfer, to give you all the help that you need through the all pervading power.

Your connection of Sahastrara with the all pervading power is established and by that you'll be amazed how all these seven chakras work for you, how they try to give you whatever is the real knowledge! This real knowledge that you get is very joy giving.

You can see this real knowledge in everything. You don't have to start reading any book about it. In every situation and in every person, in every flower, in every natural happening, you see clearly the hand of the Divine.

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