Guiding Light: Listen to his voice

There is no doubt about the fact that whole of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita is full of wisdom par excellence, but one misses its real meaning if one does not know whom does the word, Bhagwan, in the Gita, refer to.

The collection of divine orations says it in very clear terms that these are the utterings of God Himself (Bhagwan uvachya —These are the words). It is really an unparalleled and a great claim. It is He who is speaking to us in words and tone of endearment, affection and the purest sentiments of love. He says.

“I assure you that I will free you of all your sins and your misdoings,done in utter ignorance or misunderstanding. Come and take refuge in Me; surrender to Me alone and I promise that I will liberate you" — He thus speaks to us as One who knows us intimately and since ages past and loves us more than we love ourselves.

Who is He and why does he loves us so much and offers us so much? If we do not know Him, how will we surrender to Him? And, if we do not surrender, what is our plan for salvation, purification or perfection? There have been many attempts by scholars and saints to solve the riddle of His identity and also of the time when the Gita was revealed.

However most of them have failed to understand God’s language and HIS grammar which are different from that of human beings because HIS Wisdom is without any bias, without any touch of any of the vices or without any limitation, imposed by body-consciousness, bondages and blemishes of caste, country, cult, creed or community.

He is totally free and absolutely true and fair. So, He alone can give knowledge in words and in manner which are best-suited. It is, therefore, the rarest of opportunity, that we have, of listening to His voice — the Master's voice-that is so enchanting, so enthrilling, so ennobling.

This opportunity knocks at our door only once in the four Ages! So what are you waiting for? Start listening to HIM because it is at this time that Supreme Himself is awakening humans from their deep ignorance and empowering them through knowledge and yoga to gain victory over vicious tendencies. In this way HE is preparing humans to open the gates of heaven.

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