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As per criminal psychologists, a person commits a crime in a moment of high tension, irresistible temptation, uncontrollable passion, extreme provocation or utter frustration or in answer to an undying call of conviction or conscience.

So, according to them if he/she could withstand the pressure of these conditions of restlessness for even a couple of minutes or perhaps, even for a few seconds, he/she would have, perhaps, been out of the crime zone and be free at least from any charge of a cognisable offence.

Once a gory crime has been committed, the gentle spirit in man has to go through a humiliating and excruciating experience even before he is jailed or punished for a criminal offence. 

The acts of crime and the punishment by the court go on as usual. However one important question to which no government or judiciary has seriously and assiduously addressed itself lingers on.

The question relates to the state of mind of a person before he commits the crime and after he has done the act.

It is common knowledge that the forces that goad a person to committal of crime are none other than the maddening feelings of anger, consuming fires of hatred, jealousy, rivalry, expanded greed, aroused strong passion, inflated or injured ego, or grave fear of the unknown.

We cannot reduce crime or have a crimeless society unless and until we have greatly reduced or fully removed these negative traits from the minds of the citizens. It is to tackle these tendencies that the society, up till now, has resorted to legislation, the judiciary and jails. But is that the solution? 

It is unfortunate that pre-natal and post-natal aspects of crime have never been adequately dealt with by our society. It is hardly realised that what is required, in fact, are such measures that increase the psychological and spiritual immunity of the citizens to situations of stress and strain.

This cannot be done except by spiritual education and guidance in Meditation. Because it is meditation which can burn the hidden roots of anger, hatred and other negative and criminal tendencies in a person.

This kind of education should thus be given in jails also so that, after the committal of crime, the person can be reformed and be normal again. The over-all expenditure and the manpower and effort required for this will be "far far less" than is involved to keep the cogged wheels of law oiled and moving.

— By Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

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