Napolean Hill, the author of the false teeth states that one day, the teeth dislodged itself and fell on the floor.
The man picked up the pieces and began examining it. He showed interest in them. His wife remarked that he could become a dentist and make better sets of teeth for other people. Later, he became a successful dentist. He was none other than my father and the woman was my mother!’
The Law of Nature works in this fashion.
Just like electricity which can turn the wheels of industry and bring prosperity but at the same time can snuff out a precious life if wrongly used, a lesson can take you take you to the mountain-top if properly applied or take you down into the valley of mistery if wrongly applied.
The human mind is a marvellous piece of machinery. The human mind is constantly unfolding like the petals of a flower until its reaches the maximum of development. The degree of unfoldment depends on the nature of the individual and the degree of application of the lesson he has learnt. The saying is : ‘If you want to get more out of yourself demand more of yourself’.
A man learns best that which he endeavours to teach others. When you get new ideas, you want to share with others. When you wear new clothes, you want the appreciation of others. When you conquer Mount Everest, you can’t stay there.
When you visit Manasarovar, you can’t build a shelter there. So a climb is an achievement, a success is an event which is not permanent.
Similarly, a lesson is only a guide to tell you what to avoid and what to adopt. An optimist says: ‘There is never a straight-line between where you are now and where you want to be. It may be a detour; it may be crooked; it may be winding but there is always a Path to reach a destination.
To climb from a contender to a champion, the journey has to begin; so begin it now.

T.G.L. Iyer

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