Bring Courtesy into your Communication

Imagination and communication were the powers basis of which Homo Sapiens as a species established their dominance on this planet. We built communities, conquered lands, raised armies and fought invaders away through our skills of exchanging ideas and information.

We formed strategies, cultivated lands and discovered trade routes without any formal training in marketing, agriculture or sailing. What remains a common link between the hunter-gatherer of yore and the modern man is the co-operative bonds that were formed to reach a shared goal.

The evolvement of technology has faded out old-fashioned methods of letters and hand-written notes, but in its place has strengthened the network of humans all over the world.

It is apparent that communication, and content still hold kingship. Whether for work or pleasure, human interactions are founded on how pleasing one party seems to another.

The most lucrative business deals or even the most sizzling chemistry cannot salvage a relationship that sinks when words go astray. Therefore it is important that we realize how a wrong tone or an abrupt communication can ruin everything.

On the other hand, the right communication like butter can make any and all transactions better. We experience the good extremes of the planet through good verbal behaviour which includes humility, love, respect and kindness. Individuals can grow to unimaginable heights as words have the power to open doors.

Doors open minds, and minds hold the key to unlock the very secrets of the universe. So everything hinges on the simple spoken word. Let the careful presentation of your thoughts be your pitch.

Work on adding positivity to your life. When it comes to expressing yourself, whether to others or even to your own self, integrate clarity along with the spirit of compassion into it.

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