Are You Living a Fully Engaged Life?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what it means to deal with everyday happenings in a more conscious way. One of my favorite sayings is : ‘Awareness is 99% of everything’. When we have awareness of what is happening around us, when we are aware of what is happening within us, we have the consciousness and the power to make changes as needed. It is when we remain unconscious or unaware, or even when we live with a sense of denial, that we feel powerless and we are not in control of our life circumstances. When confusion and lack of direction is what you’re feeling, just think about your foundation. Try to get grounded, exercise more and really leap into your life.

When frustration and obstacles appear, write how you feel or what the obstacles are on a sheet of paper and then burn the paper. Or, use a punching bag to get rid of the frustration. Or, you could pull yourself deeper into your body and get re-centered. Use simple grounding exercises such as hugging a tree, walking barefoot in the sand, wearing hematite stones or eating food that contains more protein. When you bring more awareness to your physical body, you are more present in the ‘now’ moment. Being present in the present will help you to make decisions and take action as needed. When you are ungrounded, you are unable to make good decisions, to think clearly and affect any change.

Start by choosing to become more aware. Set an intention to be more present in your body. Create an affirmation such as, “I am one with my body. I choose to open to greater levels of awareness.” Write it down over and again in your journal. Spend time sharing with others, and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance when needed. Creating awareness gives us the insight and power to make choices and take actions. Think about what areas of your life you have been living unaware, just following the motion, and being on automatic pilot. Bring your awareness to these areas of your life and you will not only be living a more conscious life, but you will be living more a fully engaged one.

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