Maharashtra police bust illegal arms factory of Maoists in Gadchiroli: Anil Deshmukh
Maharashtra police bust illegal arms factory of Maoists in Gadchiroli: Anil Deshmukh
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Home Minister Anil Deshmukh on Sunday issued a fresh point-by-point rebuttal of the charges levelled against him by former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh. Deshmukh said Singh could’ve filed an FIR, why had he waited for a year.

The state home minister has already refuted Singh’s allegations as false and declared he will be slapping a defamation case against the former Mumbai CP. Based on the allegations made, Singh is liable for departmental action for insubordination and behaviour unbecoming of a police officer and also for false fabrication of evidence in a purportedly criminal case of illegal demand of money as per WhatsApp messages. Besides, action could be initiated against Singh for questioning the authority of the HM in calling officers and giving directions and also for making false allegations of vindictiveness and extraneous reasons and putting them forth to the media.

A copy of Deshmukh’s rebuttal circulated internally, is in the possession of The Free Press Journal, further says criminal action is needed against Singh for not reporting/initiating the matter pertaining to demand of money. “That shows his being complicit in the alleged crime within the provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act for attempted abetment of illegal gratification without reporting the same,” he added.

Action could also be taken against the former Mumbai CP for not registering a case of suicide in the death of independent MP Mohan Delkar as per provisions of 166A (c) for refusing to register an FIR, Deshmukh said.

On Singh’s communication regarding the home minister’s misdeeds, Deshmukh said as Singh claims he had briefed the CM and also the NCP leadership, it is surprising why he did not put it in writing and being fully empowered as CP, why he did not initiate action. “Getting an FIR done does not require any sanction. This shows that the allegations being made now are an afterthought,” he noted.

On the instructions to Sachin Vaze to collect Rs 100 crore every month from hotels and bars, Deshmukh said Singh lagged in his duty to report this and respond until his transfer. “If this happened on March 4 as alleged by him, he should have brought this to the notice of the CM or initiated action and reported to the Anti-Corruption Bureau. He is fully aware of the process, having himself been DG, anti-corruption,’’ he opined.

As for Singh’s WhatsApp messages exchanged with ACP Patil of March 16 and 19, Deshmukh said it clearly showed how he wanted to build up this plot after his transfer. It is surprising why he needed confirmation from ACP Patil when he himself said that he was informed by ACP Patil and Vaze both in February and March, said Deshmukh. “The need to get this message as exhibit is to try to build evidence after his transfer,” he said.

On the HM calling officers, Deshmukh clarified that the HM was fully empowered as head of the department to call any officer for discussion and meetings. “Singh is making an allegation without supporting facts and dates. So, this too comes under behaviour unbecoming of a police officer and makes Singh liable for departmental action immediately,” he felt.

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