Crime against Women
Crime against Women

The nation's financial capital has earned the dubious distinction of being second on the list for the highest number of crimes against women, with 6,519 cases, after the national capital at 12,902, according to the latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). Crimes against women have been steadily rising in Mumbai, as only 6,058 and 5,453 such crimes were recorded in the two preceding years. Mumbai topped the list of metros for the maximum cases of insult to women's modesty at 575 (Delhi is second, at 456) and 85 incidents of human trafficking with 401 victims.

More than 396 women were raped last year in the city, which ranked 3rd on the list for this crime, with 394 cases being reported, after Delhi and Jaipur at 1,231 and 517 respectively. Last year, the rate of crime was 'moderate', at 76.5 as compared to that in other metros like Jaipur, Lucknow and Delhi at 235, 175.4 and 170.3 respectively.

There were more than 2,068 cases of molestation, like sexual harassment, criminal force with an intent to disrobe, voyeurism and stalking recorded in the city last year, second to Delhi at 2,326.

Overall, Mumbai ranked third among 19 metropolises for the maximum number of crimes, after Delhi and Chennai, recording 60,823 cases last year, while the corresponding figures for Delhi and Chennai were at 3,11,092 and 71,949 respectively.

Surprisingly, the crime rate in Mumbai is low in comparison to its population, with the city being fourth on this list, maintaining a 'low' crime rate per one lakh population. Kolkata is in the top spot, with a crime rate of 152.2 last year, followed by Hyderabad at 232.9, then Pune and Mumbai at 320.4 and 330.3 respectively. Delhi had the worst crime rate last year, at 1,906.8.

Last year, the city reported 170 murders while Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai had reported 520, 210 and 177 murders respectively.

Death by suicide: Maharashtra no. 1

Last year, over 1,370 people in the state died by suicide, with abetment of suicide cases being registered. Madhya Pradesh was second, with 944 such deaths and Uttar Pradesh third, with 693 cases. The city of Bengaluru topped the list of cities for the most number of suicides registered, with 160 cases of abetment of suicide last year, Delhi was second, with 78 and Mumbai sixth, with 43 cases.

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