Mumbai: Popular radio jockey (RJ) Malishka Mendonsa created a video supposedly mocking the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for not being able to end water-logging woes and leaving pot-holes exposed in the metropolis during monsoon. Although the song does not mention ‘BMC’ in it but appears to be targeted at it.

Her latest video ‘Geli Mumbai Khadyat’ is a parody of the runaway Marathi hit song ‘Zingaat’ that pokes fun at the potholed roads and the city getting submerged under heavy rains. Figuratively, the lyrics mean that “Mumbai has gone to the dogs” since so many roads in Mumbai are in a bad condition. Malishka shared a 29-second bit of it on her official Twitter page.

Malishka followed up the video with last year’s song, ‘Mumbai tula BMC var bharosa nai ka (Mumbai, don’t you have faith in BMC)’ in Marathi was uploaded on YouTube.

In the song, Malishka also took a jibe at potholed roads and delays in suburban trains, besides taking a dig at the corporation and other authorities over the problems of traffic jams during the rains.

In her song, Malishka lambasted the authorities for their civic negligence and has tried to portray the pain of Mumbaikars, singing how their heartbeats increase when the city receives heavy downpours. She also sings how in a span of just a few hours, the entire city gets waterlogged. And how pothole-ridden roads have been giving people back pain.

In the last two months, various accidents in the city and suburbs due to potholes have claimed lives of around half a dozen people. Mumbai Congress has launched a campaign to mock BMC on potholes.

The BMC is ruled by the Shiv Sena and BJP in Mumbai. Last week, CM Devendra Fadnavis said a number of potholes in Mumbai during monsoon had come down drastically. He had reportedly also said that the civic body has started using an upgraded cold mix technology to fill potholes during the rainy season.

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