Updated on: Saturday, November 23, 2019, 02:48 PM IST

Revolver Ranee: Pawarful play


The excitement just when all thought Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena were about to form the government, a coup of sorts took place early morning. How quickly the President's rule was retracted, god swear, even the stealth bomber was put to shame. That same to same ekach dada, Ajit dada pulled a fast one like his uncle had done in 1978.

The Pawars should now officially rechristian their surname to Power. Arre it is the same only. Before you can sit back and enjoy the morning newspapers, they were reduced to being raddi in like three hours! Think we all will now need new jobs.

One family and nobody knew anything. Left didn't know what right was doing. Sheh, Ekta Kapoor may get highly inspired na. Imagine the mega never ending soap. Aiyyo did you see, Me punha yein...resounding in every gulli corner of Maharashtra? Sounds will drown us. And oh my god, the newly done up chinless wonder, same yah, our First Lady of Maharashtra will first croon a new number. Recording studios need to be pre booked. Imagine huge celebration at Varsha, with ‘Mera Piya Ghar aaya, oh Ramji’...

Now is the time investigative journalists need to keep an eye on ED papers. Arre that same one, Ajit Pawar's irrigation same one. What? There ain't any such? May be his crocodile tears have filled the empty dam which he asked whether people wanted him to do..shhh we can't say su-su che? What all things they do and say na.

Every day Devendra would say that he will return as CM. Such lightning speed he has shown that from Maharashtra sevak he has become CM Maharashtra on Twitter. Seems his team had prepared this tweet and was like all ready to press the button like yesterday.

Meanwhile I'm happy to inform, over 95 per cent of our population can be called on every news channel to give expert advice on the current scenario and politics. It does seem so.

My plans for Sunday have changed, I'm guessing yours haven't. May be now you need to wake up to realise if only you had gone and asserted your vote you would have got better. Sip that champagne meanwhile and make plans of migrating to more profitable lands.

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Published on: Sunday, November 24, 2019, 07:45 AM IST