'No one is above law': Amruta, Devendra Fadnavis react after 'distant relative' Tanmay gets COVID-19 vaccine jab
'No one is above law': Amruta, Devendra Fadnavis react after 'distant relative' Tanmay gets COVID-19 vaccine jab

Leader of Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday came under severe fire after it emerged that his 22-year-old nephew managed to get a COVID-19 vaccine jab, allgedly violating Centre's norms.

Youth Congress leader Srivatsa was the first to point it out on Twitter. In a series of critical tweets, he lashed out at Fadnavis and his nephew, who apparently is an actor. "Dear @Dev_Fadnavis, is your Nephew Tanmay Fadnavis 45+ years old? If not, how is he eligible for taking the Vaccine? Just like Remdesivir, are you hoarding Vaccines & giving it to your family members? People are dying. There is Vaccine Shortage. But Fadnavis family is Safe," the former Karnataka Congress Social Media Head tweeted. Srivatsa added that Tanmay Fadnavis has "committed a crime" and "must be immediately arrested". He requested Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to arrest him and "set an example".

"The Central government has put the condition that only people over 45 years can be vaccinated currently. Then how can Fadnavis' nephew (who is only 22) can get the vaccine. The lives of BJP leaders' and families are important. Are the common people insects isn't their life worth anything," the Maharashtra Congress said in a sharp tweet.

Now, Devendra Fadnavis and his wife Amruta have reacted to the controversy. The former Maharashtra Chief Minister admitting that Tanmay was his "distant relative", however, he claimed that he was not aware of how the 22-year-old managed to get the vaccination dose.

"Tanmay Fadnavis is my distant relative. I have no idea under which criteria he received his dose. If it has been taken as per guidelines, then there should be no objection. But if it is in violation of guidelines, it is completely improper. My wife and daughter have also not received vaccination because they don’t qualify for it. I am of the firm opinion that everybody must follow the rules," Devendra Fadnavis told the Indian Express.

Meanwhile, Amruta Fadnavis has demanded action against Tanmay. "Priority for any service should be on basis of decorum or prevalent policy. No one is above rules & law. The law can take its course and we stand for justice always ! We are with you on this issue, pls take action which will stop future queue breaking occurrences," she tweeted.

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