Mumbai : Youth Congress leader Rahul N Kanal on Monday joined the Yuva Sena, the youth wing of Shiv Sena, with over 2,000 followers. Kanal was working with the Congress for the last 12 years. He was a vice – president (North-Central Congress) and had been closely working with Baba Siddhiqui and Priya Dutt.

After the Kalyan Dombivli civic elections, the Shiv Sena has been focused on Mumbai civic elections. Yuva Sena is trying to attract youngsters to the wing to make a mass base for the party.

Kanal will work on the issue of the night life of the city. After discussing the same with Aditya Thackeray, he will raise the issue on various fronts.

Kanal said: “It was the thinking and the work done by Shiv Sena for the betterment of the youth that made me move to the Yuva Sena.”