Bruck Pharma controversy: NCP's Nawab Malik attacks Maharashtra BJP; says party trying to block Remdesivir supply to state
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As the Remdesivir controversy continues in Maharashtra, Nawab Malik, the National Spokesperson of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Minority Affairs Minister in yet another attack has accused the BJP of trying to prevent the stockpiling of Ramdesivir in the state, saying that there is somrthing suspicious that the two opposition leaders and two MLAs going to the police station at night to rescue the stockbrokers.

Why is the BJP in the state scared after BKC police arrested Rajesh Dokania, owner of Brooks Pharma Company, who was stockpiling Remdesivir? asked Nawab Malik.

Currently, the export has been banned by the Center as there is a shortage of Remedesivir in the country and the state. In the country, 7 companies have been allowed to sell domestically and two companies have been allowed to sell abroad. On the other hand, 17 companies are allowed to export.

The same companies are exporting to two companies that sell abroad. Rajesh Dokania, owner of Brooks Pharma, approached the state government after the export ban and demanded permission to sell the stock of Remadicivir he had. The NCP leader also said that Rajesh Dokania had met Rajendra Shingane with Pravin Darekar, Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council.

He further revealed that police had received information that the exporting company had stocks of the drug. On that basis, Rajesh Dokania was called to the BKC police station for questioning. While the police were collecting information from him, Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Devendra Fadnavis, Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council Pravin Darekar, MLA Prasad Lad and MLA Parag Alvani reached the spot at 11.15 pm. Nawab Malik also questioned why two state opposition leaders and two MLAs went to rescue Dokania.

Nawab Malik has also accused the BJP of buying and selling those who have stocks of Remdesivir.

On Saturday, Rajesh Dokania was released after showing a copy of the FDA's permission letter at 10 pm. Police have said they will call again if necessary. The police system works for the public. Working to prevent black market. Nawab Malik also said that he is working in the role of confiscating the stock and giving it to the people.

Devendra Fadnavis is a lawyer and so he was advocating for Rajesh Dokaniya. Nawab Malik has also questioned why the BJP in the state is scared after the arrest of Rajesh Dokania for questioning.

The police and the state FDA are working for the benefit of the state. Nawab Malik has also demanded that the BJP should disclose its relationship with Rajesh Dokaniya after the BJP leaders in the state go for a two-hour inquiry.

Nawab Malik has also asked why the the central government has not provided stock of Remdesivir if the state government is asking for it, what is the politics behind it?

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