Updated on: Wednesday, October 06, 2021, 09:41 AM IST

Navratri 2021 Colours List: Check out the dates and significance of all nine colours

This year, the festival of Navratri begins on October 7 (Thursday). It is also one of the most widely celebrated Indian festivals

Navratri is one of the most awaited Hindu festivals. It is celebrated in the bright half of the Hindu calendar month Ashvin which falls in the Gregorian months of September and October.

It is also one of the most widely celebrated Indian festivals. The nine-day long festival is celebrated in different ways in different regions.

During the nine auspicious days, Goddess Durga is worshiped with uttermost faith.

Each of the nine days is a resemblance of victory and is associated with a color. Navratri is celebrated with loud music and Indian folk dance, garba.

This year, the first day of Navratri falls on October 7 (Thursday).

The following are the details of the colors according to the days:

Day 1- 7th October- Yellow - Resembles cheerfulness

Day 2- 8th October – Green - Resembles nourishment

Day 3- 9th October Grey - Destruction of evil

Day 4-10th October Orange - Reflects brightness, knowledge and tranquility

Day 5- 11th October White - Showcases peace, serenity and purity

Day 6- 12th October Red - Symbolizes passion and anger

Day 7- 13th October Royal blue - Gives the sense of divine energy

Day 8-14th October Pink - Personifies compassion and purity

Day 9- 15th October Purple- Reflects goal or energy


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Published on: Wednesday, October 06, 2021, 09:41 AM IST