Heater Pro X Reviews: UK hoax alert and must read about customer review

Heater Pro X Reviews: UK hoax alert and must read about customer review

Different types of heaters are available according to the area and the purpose of using heaters.

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Have you ever felt like the normal room temperature is not sufficient enough to make you feel warm! Or that you are not a winter person and feel cold even when with the blankets! Then you are not the only one. Although it is hot and pleasant in most of the parts of India still northern India experience chilly winds for a few months and wearing warm clothes and taking blankets is just not enough to tackle the breeze those months.

Different types of heaters are available according to the area and the purpose of using heaters. You can easily find Room heaters in some households which are used to heat a small room and are usually found in portable forms to fit a wall.


Indeed, there are a lot of different brands available when it comes to buying electronics no matter what! But if you are looking for an elegant and efficient room heater, then, Heater Pro X would be a perfect choice for you. Let us now know more about these heaters to get a clear picture of what they are and how they are used.

What are Heater Pro X?

This brand new line of heaters that offer so convenient and easy-to-use heaters at low costs that you might not search any longer for a better product. 

It provides you with a wide range of heaters be it convection, conduction, or radiant. However, different heater types rely upon the different heating methods and the purpose of using them. It is probably the best choice for elderly people specifically for those who are sick and can’t move. 

Why do we need Heater Pro X?

Indian winters are becoming harsh with every passing year especially in the northern and eastern parts of India which are far away from the sea levels and are surrounded by hills. Different people may have different ways to keep themselves warm but blankets, comforters, woollen clothes or any other heating device cab go only to a certain extent. However, using a room heater is perhaps the most efficient way to tackle the low temperature and cold breeze.

All the other ways which use heat to keep us warm including a hot cup of coffee, thermal water, soups, or even lighting a fire are temporary but Heater Pro X not only comfort the individual but also help keep the entire room warm for a significant period. This makes them a much-needed product for a lot of people.

Different types of Heater Pro X that are available in the market

It is very important to go through all the options available to you as a customer so that you can choose wisely and there is no violation of the right to choose act. So, the following are the three different types of heaters you will come across.


Oil heaters are widely known as oil-filled heaters or radiators and are suitable for all sizes of rooms. It is a common form of convection heater which is used for domestic purposes. The name does not suggest that oil heaters have something to do with burning oil for heat!

They work with a simple phenomenon of dipping the heating element into the oil which heats the oil and the surrounding area is also affected by it due to which they generally take time to heat the entire room but provide warmth for a much longer duration. Moreover, oil is just used as a reserve or a heat reservoir not as a fuel.

2. Convection heaters

Convection heaters are the most convenient form of heaters which use the movement gas and liquid along with the air currents to circulate the sir and transfer heat in the surroundings. By following the process of thermal conduction, the currents circulate throughout the heater. These types of heaters are common in Indian households as they can easily be stored away when not in use and don’t require high maintenance.

Some convection heaters are available with fans and some are not but convection heaters use less power as compared to other heaters available in the market and could be the best pick for you as you can just turn off the heater and use the fan in the summer season. These heaters might be slow to heat the entire room but the effect stays for a significant period even after switching off the heater.

3. Radiant heaters

Radiant heaters use infrared technology to produce heat which is why they are also called infrared heaters. These types of heaters are best for small rooms with low ceilings. These heaters have nothing to do with the surface area of the room or whether the room is open or closed as they just have to be placed near the person who wants to stay warm.

Heater Pro X radiant heaters are best for cosy people and promote good health as well by saving people from allergies or breathing problems that could be caused by normal heaters.

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1. Don’t support humidity: humidity is the most important factor which people look for when they are searching for a relevant room heater. As room heaters use the oxygen available in the surroundings to work, there is a sudden drop in the levels of humidity, especially when used in smaller rooms. Heater Pro X are designed in a way to maintain the oxygen levels and which thereby prevents the risk of suffering from problems like dryness and irritation in the eyes.

2. Low energy consumption: generally, heaters are found in rich households as they consume a lot of electricity and can take a toll on the electricity bills. Considering the problems of customers, they made energy-efficient which allows them to use a significant amount of energy and thereby makes them economic to use.

3. Auto turns off: all the heaters available in the range of Heater Pro X are installed with the auto turn off the function. Setting a timer of this auto turn-off system could be a lifesaver for you if you are a person who often falls asleep and forgets to turn off the heater or air conditioner.

4. Cord length: Heater Pro X are installed with a long cord length as there are times when people look for everything in the heaters accept the cord length and then find it difficult to install them wherever they want.

5. Thermostat control: thermostat control means the freedom to regulate the temperature according to the need and requirement. Efficient thermostat control is the best part of Heater Pro X as it allows you to freely adjust the temperature of the heater according to the room temperature which makes it even more comfortable and convenient to use.

Safety measures while using Heater Pro X

When around electronic devices, one should be even more careful as one small mistake can bring us a problem for a lifetime. Following are some safety tips o measures that should be kept in mind while using Heater Pro X, for your good health.

1. Don’t bring heaters extremely close to children and objects as they generate excessive heat and can prove to be dangerous for children and pets who don’t know about this. Similarly, some objects may catch fire when brought near the heaters.

2. Make sure that the heater doesn’t come in contact with water as it leads to an electrical short circuit or could catch fire and can pose danger. So just make sure it is not installed in the places like bathroom or kitchen where there is excessive use of water.

3. Try to avoid using extension cords not only while using heaters but also for any other electrical appliance which draws heavy electricity as it might lead to overheating or fires. If it has to be used then make sure it is fit for heavy appliances.

4. Make sure the heater is cleaned and inspected occasionally. Make sure there is no damage to the unit or the cord, even if it is working properly and efficiently.

5. Try not to leave the heater plugged in for a long period. We often forget to unplug the device or to turn off the switch when something is not in use, be it your charger or the heater. So, don’t leave the heater unattended for a long time even if it is running as using it for such a long time can cause serious problems like headaches and weakness.

Where to buy Heater Pro X?

The Heater Pro X is steadily making its place in the market and would soon be available on various websites but with a wide variety of products being available in the market, it is safe and suggested to order them to from the official website only. This would prevent any chances of fraud and will keep you safe from being a target of a scam.

However, it is very simple to order Heater Pro X and the link to the official website has also been attached to the article which will give you access to all the necessary information about the pricing, availability, and safety standards of this product for a better trust, understanding, and transparency.


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