Doc Destiny: Decoding 2021, the year of Ox

Though according to Numerology, 2021 will be majorly influenced by Number 5 (2+0+2+1= 5), which signifies change and versatility. But as far as the Chinese zodiac calendar is concerned, 2021 is the year of Ox. The Chinese horoscope is calculated as per your birth year, it tells us about the general characteristics the person has.

And if we go by the Chinese astrology, the year 2021 is going to be lucky. This year will be perfect for relationships, people will focus on and value their relationships more. Since the Ox zodiac sign is considered as hardworking and methodical, this year people will see their hard work are being appreciated and rewarded. This is a year to double your efforts and accomplishments.

The colour plate for the year 2021 is white and green. Silver is the most favourable metal for the year 2021, so it is advisable that you wear metal accessories to increase your luck and fortune. This year, no major disasters are seen on the cards and the year 2021 may set the stage for economic recovery. Long-term investments, trading and multitasking etc. will be the major trends in the economic sector. On the domestic front, people will see their family lives becoming more peaceful and issues which were disturbing the harmony and atmosphere at home will get solved. People will become more self-organised and disciplined.

The Ox or the Buffalo sign in the Chinese zodiac symbolises prosperity through fortitude and hard work. People who are born in the year of Ox are dependable, calm methodical and systematic. Individuals who are born under this sign walk with their heads held high. People who are associated with the Ox sign are reliable and they stick to their words and fulfil their promises.

Ox people struggle in matters related to love and relationships. They take time to develop intimate relationships. On the romantic front, they act very slow and do not reveal true feelings easily. But if you marry an Ox person and place your trust on him/her, he/ she will never disappoint you.

2021 is also the year of taking big jumps and leaps. It is all about taking risks and it is going to be an adventurous year. The year 2021 will bless many with name, fame, honour and recognition. It's a year of knowledge as 21 = 3 totals to Jupiter, Guru and Guru represents knowledge, marketing, consulting, advisory and teaching. 2021 will be a good year for lawyers and those connected to construction, real estate, mining and re-development.

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