Jagadguru Ramnareshacharya
Jagadguru Ramnareshacharya
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Ujjain: Jagadguru Ramnareshacharya believes that the BJP's alternative in the country has not yet ended.

“The Congress is still intact. The Congress enjoys deep inroads in the country. In the last assembly elections, the people have shown ample of faith and support towards the Congress. The RSS chief also believes that there should be a strong opposition in the country as it is necessary for democracy,” he added.

Jagadguru Ramnareshacharya, who has been associated with the construction of Ram Mandir for more than 30 years, here on Wednesday told reporters that the Congress has contributed to the idol installation at the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya till the structure was demolished, but the BJP is not mentioning the Congress's work anywhere.He also questioned the door-to-door collection of money for construction of temple in Ayodhya.

‘What was the need to build new trust for Ram Temple’

He said that every devotee of the country is ready to die in the name of Shri Ram and would come to donate money generously if any such call was given. “There are old trusts for temple construction, what was the need to build a new trust in their place? ,” he asked commenting that it appears that some organisations have been given a free hand to collect huge money so that a particular party can take mileage out of it during the election.

Personality cult replaces nepotism

In response to a question, Ramnareshacharya said that if the BJP says that what they say is what they do, then what happened to their announcements like giving jobs to 1 crore youth every year and ensuring wellbeing of the migrant labourers? In response to the allegation of nepotism in Congress, Jagadguru said that now individualism is practiced in the country. Personality cult of Modi-Shah are running the country. All others seem to be their employees who are dictated by only Modi and Shah. He said the BJP does not have a single woman leader as compared to Sonia Gandhi. “Can Sonia compete with Smriti Irani and Nirmala Sitharaman?,’ asked he adding that the Congress has options other than Rahul Gandhi as well for the post of AICC chief as names like Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot have come forward.

‘If arrested, a saint may spend life in jail’

Jagadguru said that there is unbridled corruption in the country. Quoting a CBI officer, he told that if a distinguished Baba is arrested, his entire life would be spent in jail. The BJP is serving its vested interest through sabotage everywhere. But even within the BJP, there exists simmering discontent. Unease, dissent and discontentment prevails across the country, he added.

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