Petlawad: Many deprived pension applicants of Mohankot, have been complaining since months about pension not being deposit in their accounts. Even the newspapers tried to bring this issue into notice of the government but it was all in vain. From local to the higher authorities, nobody cares to find out the reason of pensions not been allocated.

Many elder people approached the media on Wednesday and narrated their problems. One of the applicants, Galiya Meda, stated that neither he has a piece of land, nor he has a family. Pension is the only source of his livelihood yet he has not received the pension since October 20,2013.

Similarly, Maknibai Nathu also has not received pension since October 2013. Widow Neju Tersingh(65), Ditu Bai(65) and many other widows have been going to banks, panchayats and every concerned office but nobody is ready to answer. “The accounts could not open at time and that too as per the new plan, but this could not be done, hence the pension could not be transferred but shall be deposited soon.” -Tol Singh Muniya, Secretary, Gram Panchayat, Mohankot

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