Navratri 2020: With no Garba, dazzle of jewellery, dress to go missing in MP

Indore: During Navratri, an essential business that booms is rented apparel business. The business catering to men, women and children during the nine-day fest is a major source of income for many small and medium scale businesses.

A single business caters various packages providing nine different dresses to each customer. As shared by Jeet Kachwa who rents outfits for the fest, the overall income for one shopkeeper crosses Rs 1,00,000 in the nine-day fest.

“This income gives us a boost and amount probably varies for all the shopkeepers depending upon their business,” Kachwa said.

This year, as there will be no ‘Garba’ during the Navratri fest, nobody will rent outfits.

Along with outfits, the complete look including make-up and jewellery is rented and/or bought at times by people. Navratri brings a new fashion trend every year, but this year, there will be no glitter, glamour and gorgeous trend.

“We bring in innovative and new jewellery every year to go with outfits, but this year, we did not bring in anything, as no ‘Garba’ will be organised,” Harshita Sinha, an entrepreneur, said.

She added that the business has fallen down and will affect the entire year. “Most of our income is from festive occasions, but this year, there won’t be anything as such and it is resulting in severe financial strain,” Harshita said.

“By not renting out of dresses our income will drop by 70 to 80 per cent, and surviving on 20 per cent income is next to impossible,” business owner Gopal Singh said. He added that festivals generally boost income, but this year, elimination of garba to control outspread of coronavirus will hit us harder than corona.

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