Monkey menace: Rescue team ill-equipped
  • Monkey menace continues in Prakash Nagar, still untraced
  • Had bitten 3 residents

Indore: The rescue team of forest department seems to be facing hard time in catching a monkey (Rhesus Macaque species) that had bitten three residents of Sajan Nagar and Prakash Nagar areas near Nemawar Road. It is found that this is not the first time such incident has come to fore. Questions are being raised that if the team is not well-equipped to catch an animal like monkey, then how it would catch a leopard. Departmental sources revealed that unavailability of required equipment is the reason behind the unsuccessful mission.

Sources said that the simian is a regular visitor of hostel as it is like a pet of the hostlers in the area. But it has become a menace for other residents of the area as it started attacking them and leaving them in panic.Ralamandal sanctuary deputy ranger and rescue team incharge AK Mishra said that the monkey did not return to the locality since Saturday after the team tried to tranquilize it.

Departmental sources revealed that the rescue team has saved many people from wild animals working round the clock and risking their lives. But they are ill-equipped. The team comprises of experts in catching wild animals safely, sources said. But the team failed to catch the simian as they are ill-equipped, sources added.

However, higher officials said that the team would be well-equipped for the mission.Recalling the recent encounter with a panther in Kantafod area Mishra said that when the team tried to catch a panther, it attacked them. The panther was hiking in the washroom of a house on the main road of the area.

Several attempts were made to trap the animal but all in vain as it ran into the open field and reached another locality. The team also followed the panther and decided to shoot a tranquilizer on it. The team hit the animal but due to the pain of the injection the animal turned aggressive and tried to attack them, he said. Luckily, nothing unpleasant happened in the incident. But if the team had a double-barrel gun to shot another tranquilizer and light weight safety jackets, the operations would have been easier, added the official.

Informing about another incident, Mishra said that the team was out in Satwaas, a place in Ujjain region where a bear was found and the team captured the animal skillfully but one of our team members was seriously injured when the animal attacked him. The beast poked its nails in his palm and face. He was rushed to a hospital and got timely treatment. The member is still in the team and active in the field, he said.Attacks of wild animals have become frequent incident now and the rescue team is lacking modern safety equipment to meet this challenge.

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