Lord Ganesha in Khajrana temple on Monday.
Lord Ganesha in Khajrana temple on Monday.

Indore: Khajrana Ganesha will again sit on the silver throne and this time it will be a much heavier throne - made of 80 kg of silver.

The usual image of Lord Ganesha in Khajrana temple among devotees is of him sitting on a silver throne. However, in reality, before the lockdown, the throne was removed as the wooden part of the throne was falling apart. So even though shinning silver can still be seen behind Lord Ganesh, he is no longer sitting on a silver throne.

Once devotees noticed this, they have been contributing more and more to build a new silver throne for the Lord.

Recently, 24 kilograms of silver was donated to the temple for building a new silver throne. Further, 33 kilograms of silver was available from the old throne.

“The throne of Lord Khajrana Ganesh Maharaj will be made of silver, for which artisans will be called from Jaipur,” Ashok Bhatt, priest of Khajrana temple, said.

He added that donations of silver are being accepted and many devotees are donating. “Half a kilo of silver was donated by Vijay Gome, a resident of Shyamnagar in Sukhliya area; and Akshay Kumar Goyal, a resident of Scheme No. 54 donated 2.5 kg silver,” Bhatt said.

Earlier, 21 kg of silver was donated by Vinod Agarwal.

About 25 kg of silver more…

About 80 kg of silver is needed to make a new throne of Lord Ganesha. For this, 33 kg of silver has come out from the old throne of the temple. Apart from this, over 56 kilograms of silver has been donated by devotees. Further, 25 kilograms would be needed for the throne.

Collector Manish Singh has formed a committee of four bullion traders and Bhatt under whose supervision, the throne would be prepared.

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