Updated on: Saturday, October 16, 2021, 02:57 AM IST

Madhya Pradesh: Indore Municipal Corporation starts cleanliness drive at crematoriums, graveyards

The municipal commissioner Pratibha Pal instructed the officials to start the drive from Friday till October 24
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Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The IMC started a cleanliness drive from Friday especially for crematoriums and graveyards in the city under which six departments of the IMC will conduct the drive.

The municipal commissioner Pratibha Pal instructed the officials to start the drive from Friday till October 24 in which the teams of the departments will conduct drives in the crematoriums and graveyards located in several zones of the city. The schedule for the drive has been prepared in which daily the teams will conduct drive.

Pal has made instructions to health department, electricity department, public works department, water supply department, garden department and drainage department.

Under the drive the concerned departments has formed a team and as per the schedule the teams will reach the decided crematorium or graveyard. There they will inspect the cleanliness, power supply, water supply and other things. The workers and officials of the department will ensure that no work remains pending of the concerned department and the team will finish all the work.

The work like the sprinkling of pesticides, cleanliness near trees, clean toilets, proper drinking water facilities and other work will be done by the teams.

Following the drive on Friday, the team conducted the drive in the crematoriums and graveyards under zone 2,4,5,10 and 11 at Tilak Nagar crematorium, Panchkuiya crematorium, Kumarkhedi crematorium, Meghdoot crematorium, Khajrana graveyard and other such places.

Official said that schedule of the cleanliness drive is on October 16 Dudi Lohar cemetery, Malwa Mill crematorium, Niranjanpur, Bhangarh crematorium, Luniyapura graveyard, Bilawali crematorium.

On October 17, Mhow Naka graveyard, Dewas Ghat crematorium, Choti Khajrani graveyard, Nipania cemetery, Khajrana cemetery

On October 18, Talawali Chanda crematorium, Catholic Christian cemetery, Tejaji Nagar Kailod crematorium, Ahirkhedi crematorium, Chandan Nagar cemetery

On October 19, Limbodi crematorium, Nihapur Mundi crematorium, Noorani Nagar cemetery, Narwal crematorium, Chitawad crematorium

On October 20, Sukh Niwas crematorium, Sirpur crematorium, Gomatgiri crematorium, Bhunrasala crematorium, Musakhedi crematorium

On 21st October, Devardham Tank crematorium, Bhardari crematorium, Azad Nagar graveyard, Bicholi Mardana crematorium, Revati crematorium

On October 22, Tamarind Bazar cemetery, Lasudia crematorium, Sadi Talab Khajrana graveyard, Bada Bangadda crematorium, Peeplyarao crematorium

On 23rd October, Malwa Mill graveyard, Banganga graveyard, Juni Indore crematorium, Bijalpur crematorium, Bicholi Hapsi crematorium

On 24th October Katkatpura graveyard, Gandhi Nagar crematorium, Pipalyahana crematorium, Kanadiya crematorium, Kabitkhedi crematorium

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Published on: Saturday, October 16, 2021, 02:57 AM IST