Government orders inquiry into PGDM scholarship scam
Government orders inquiry into PGDM scholarship scam

Nagda: With the investigation in an infamous Kisan Credit Card scam going on, Nagda police is coming up with new revelations daily. In this chain, Nagda police zero in their investigation on one agricultural trader Shambhu Porwal who allegedly lend Rs 72 lakh to Dilip Vyas, a bank officer and later told to embezzle the accounts of farmers.

Though the police is yet to disclose the latest update in the case, investigating officials in the case claimed that Shambhu lends money to Dilip Vyas at a high-interest rate and when he was unable to pay the interest, Shambhu asked him to follow his plan and embezzle the farmers account.

Porwal took him into confidence by disclosing to him his plan to make quick money and then asked other bank officials to join them.

Nagda Mandi police station in-charge Shyamchandra Sharma said that in October 2019, Shambhu lends Rs 25 lakh to Dilip at an interest of one percent daily.

Vyas also readily agreed to this. But after a few days, Vyas who failed to pay interest once again borrowed Rs four lakh from Shambhu. Thus he borrowed total of Rs 29 lakhs. After some time when he could not return the money, Shumbhu shared his plan to get money from the KCC account of the farmers in the bank.

In the meantime, Dilip won the trust of farmers and convinced them to deposit money in the KCC account.

Dilip borrowed Rs 43 lakhs more from Shambhu to deposit money to the farmers' account. In this way, the bank officer Vyas took a loan of Rs 72 lakh from Shambhu on interest. In January 2021, Dilip returns a total of Rs 2,05 crore (including interest) to Shambhu. Dilip narrated the entire incident to the police.

Following this, police began a search for Shambhu and conducted raid at various places in Nagda and its adjoining places, but he is still out of police reach.

It has come to light that merchant Porwal lends Rs 72 lakh to bank officer Vyas at an interest. In lieu of this, the business of recovering Rs. 2 crore 5 lakh from Vyas has also been revealed. The accused has also been told by Shambhu to make a plan for embezzlement in the bank. Attempts are being made to arrest the accused businessman.

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