People carry sacks of grocery items from wholesale markets in Daulatganj-Favvara Chowk in Ujjain on Friday
People carry sacks of grocery items from wholesale markets in Daulatganj-Favvara Chowk in Ujjain on Friday

Ujjain: The janata (locals) misinterpreted the relaxation of home delivery declared by the administration and defied the curfew en-masse.

The administration had provided for home delivery of grocery, fruits and vegetables through vendors and local retailers, but, people decided to help themselves and visited wholesale grocery markets and vegetable markets.

The grocery, fruit and vegetable markets were completely shut due to complete Janata Curfew for the last two days.

On Friday many people thronged markets to buy essential items despite clear instructions issued by the administration.

As per the orders people were to get home delivery of essential items.

The police has a tough time in managing the show as commuters poured on the roads of the city.

Janata was least bothered about complying with the curfew.

Worse some people removed the barricades to access their neighbourhood areas and markets.

Police officers at the intersections kept instructing them on public address system, to no avail.

The summer sun made it difficult for the cops as they toiled to place the barricades back in place.

The sale of fruits and vegetables was allowed from 8 am to 10 am beginning Friday. Some vendors installed shops outside Maksi Road vegetable market. Worse, throwing all caution to the winds the shoppers thronged their outlets despite the pleading and counselling by the police force deployed at the spot.

Only when the police brandished their canes did the vendors and their customers dispersed.

As per orders the traders from Daulatganj-Favvara Chowk wholesale grocery market were to deliver goods to the local retail merchants across the city.

But hoping to save money people turned up at the wholesale market for shopping.

Wholesale and retail grocery merchants were found selling goods from their shops directly to the customers on the sly.

TI and jawans of Dewasgate police station kept asking the shoppers to go home, to no avail.

The cat and mouse game continued as the police kept placing the barricades in place and the janata kept defeating their efforts by accessing the markets through narrow lanes.

Situation was controlled

within hours: Collector

On Friday’s the chaos in local markets, collector Asheesh Singh said that people were at the markets to purchase grocery, vegetables and fruits as they are yet to come to terms with the curfew norms and relaxations.

“It was first day of such relaxations, but things came under control with hours and efforts will be made to prevent such incidents in future,” he added.

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