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One moment, she is the little girl playing with the chubby doll and in the blink of an eye she is leading an all men contingent in the Army Day parade of India. That's not all! From colours of shades to shades of dresses, nothing skips her eye.

From the loving mother who cannot hide her tears when her baby cries to the defender fighting as a warrior protecting her family, these are just some shades of women we often see around us.

Of course there are many other fashion shades that men cannot differentiate between like a new haircut, fashion styles, make-up and many other little efforts. However, some of those wonderful shades which even women often fail to recognise about themselves are their 7 secret superpowers.

1. The born psychologists

“Why I am feeling so low,” he wonders and before he figures it out, the lady in the room replies, “It is time to let go of your past and find your courage, start by preparing the presentation.”

Have you ever wondered how is it that your mother knows what you are feeling without your saying a word? Then, when you get married, your notion of it being a mother’s intuition is dashed as your wife has the same magic.

It is not magic, but often seems like one when the woman figures what the man feels, even before he realises. It is not intuition but a woman’s ability to be a born psychologist. She can only figure out how you feel but easily resolve all your emotional and mental issues in minutes.

2. Friend or Foe? Both!

Cat fights? Common right! Whether it is your mother-in-law standing against you or the jealous friend, girl fights are more common than friendship tales. Wondering why? If we were to talk about Shakti, then it is likely a reverse way of empowering each other.

We feel comfortable and happy in company of friends, but it is through challenging peers that we learn and grow. Women fight and challenge each-other in every circumstance whether it is work or home.

However, these challenges often act as catalysts of growth. You shouldn’t be surprised when you see two women normally acting foe, defend each other.

3. Dramebaaz

From the strongest to the weakest moments are handled by women looking peaceful, at best shedding a few tears. A woman delivering a child and bearing labour pains (one of the most severe pains experienced by humans) can also wonder about her looks!

Hilarious but true. A woman is excellent at pretending and it comes naturally to her. She can convince the world that what matters is her dress, when it is she just lost a foot. This amazing quality and strength only gifted to women.

4. Scientists with different shades

Were you surprised when the women scientist in movie and the real Mission Mangal applied what was labelled as ‘Puri’ science to reach Mars? You should have looked on your side; none of the women were surprised!

Women are born with natural talent to understand and excel in practical science. No, men are definitely better at calculations and maths. Science however is a domain where women can naturally excel due to their ability to analyse and investigate. As themed National Science Day, every woman is a scientist.

5. Fashionistas

A man needs to study for five years to understand textile science and designing. On the other hand, his teenage daughter can not only differentiate between varieties of fabrics, but even determine its longevity and comfort level. Even the girls labelled as Tom Boys can amaze you with their fashion sense when they want to.

6. Can even define every sense!

JK Rowling is still one of most trending examples of a woman’s surprising writing. The way a woman articulates her sentences even if she is the silent-type cannot be denied. A woman is born with a talent of observation and expression. Some use words, some use paintings and some amaze us with their elocution.

7. Managers in disguise

The best managers in largest companies cannot manage your home in the way a woman does. Woman can multitask and manage every task from their responsibilities as entrepreneurs to homemakers in blink of an eye.

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