Indore: QR codes at 77 intersections to keep tabs on traffic cops

Indore: Traffic policemen often play truant from their duty post and no one is the wiser as there is no foolproof method of monitoring their presence. There have been several complaints to higher-ups in this regard, but very little was done. But now things are set to change.

The Indore Traffic Police have installed QR codes at 77 road intersections in the city to ensure that the traffic cops are present on the duty spot.

The cop on duty has to scan the QR codes through a mobile phone application and register his presence. The officers of the traffic police department will be able to know immediately when the police personnel arrived on duty. It will also ensure that the policeman leaves his duty only when his duty time ends. At present, many traffic cops are guilty of leaving their spot before their time gets over.

Out of 77 QR codes, 44 have been placed at major intersections in the eastern area and 33 QR codes have been placed in the western area of the city. Senior officials said that the QR codes will help in monitoring the traffic cops and improve traffic management.

Commuters can also get information about duty officers

DSP (traffic) Umakant Choudhary said that the police personnel have to download an application of Indore Police in their mobile phones through which they can scan the QR code and convey the information about their duty to their officers. Apart from this, people can also download the application ‘Citizen Cop’ in their mobile phones and scan this QR code to get the information of the policemen concerned. So that in case of traffic jams or in case of any assistance, the people can get information about the on-duty policemen at that place. Often the police officials faced the allegations from people that no policeman was present at any intersection during a traffic jam or an incident. To avoid all these allegations and to bring transparency in the working style of the policemen, traffic police have taken this initiative for the attendance of on-duty policemen. There are many more intersections or points where QR codes will be installed soon.

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