Indore: Mathematics Examination Tips for CBSE Class XII Board examination

Indore: Board exams are around the corner and mathematics is a subject ​that troubles large a number of students. Anxiety in students during mathematics paper is common. ​m​mathematics, generally considered as a subject of calculation, actually entails imagination, logic and reasoning.

Mathematics requires a great knowledge of the application of formulas. Most of the students are scared of Mathematics as it involves a large number of formulas and a logical approach. However, with proper guidance and practice, you can score well in Class 12th ​mathematics exams.

Most students hesitate to acknowledge their phobia and try to suppress it by ignoring the subject, which further aggravates matters. Therefore, it is extremely important to analyse and accept the phobia.

Sharing essential tips for scoring well in CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Class XII board ​mathematics examination, subject teacher Harpreet Singh gives his insight.

“One of the key ideas to learn ​mathematics is to understand the concept instead of just solving the questions,” he said.

Singh added that conceptual understanding helps students not to just solve any question but also in retaining the knowledge thus acquired. “Trying to understand the concept behind a topic and its application in day-to-day life can also help students in combating their mathematics phobia,” he added.

Case study & other changes this year

Weightage for MCQs has been increased by 10 per cent. The new pattern is intended to test student’s ability to understand.

According to the board, the mathematics question paper will be of 80 marks and students need to secure a minimum of 26 marks to clear the paper.

The major change which CBSE has done in this year’s paper is that students will find case-study based questions for 8​ ​marks.

Question paper will contain two parts A and B. Each part is compulsory. Part A carries 24 marks and Part B carries 56 marks.

Part-A has Objective Type Questions and Part -B has Descriptive Type Questions. Both Part A and Part B have internal choices.

Marks allotted to topics​

Relations and Functions - 08

Algebra - 10

Calculus- 35

Vectors and Three - Dimensional Geometry- 14

Linear Programming - 05

Probability - 08

Total - 80

Internal Assessment - 20

Keep the following points in mind while you are preparing for CBSE class 12th Mathematics.

1) CBSE has already issued sample papers for Class 12th Mathematics board exam 2020-21. With the help of this sample paper, you will get a complete idea about the latest examination pattern and the level of questions that can be asked.

2) Revise from Previous Year’s Papers. While revising through previous years papers, you will find that some concepts have frequently asked in board exams, every year. While preparation, you should pay more attention to these concepts.

3) Solve at least 10 sample papers before the examinations. While solving sample papers, time yourself as per the examination guidelines. This will give you an idea as to how to utilise time in the best possible way while solving questions. This will also make you aware of your weak areas that need more practice.

4) Stick to NCERT textbook. Do all questions without leaving anything. Give importance to example problems in NCERT.

5) Make quick notes on important formulas especially from 3- Dimensional Geometry and integrals on your diary so that you can revise them easily.

6) Calculus carries 35 marks. This means you must focus on this unit the most. Calculus needs a lot of logical approaches which can be mastered only with rigorous practice.

7) Vectors and 3-Dimensional Geometry carry 14 marks are easy units. Make sure to make diagrams as you study and practice as it helps in better visualization.

8) Algebra and Probability are easy units too and hence should not take much effort to understand. However, both require a lot of practice to understand the application of knowledge and formulas. Probability especially requires a logical approach and hence, the basics must be clear for this unit.

9) Relations and Functions, and Linear Programm​​ing are relatively easy and scoring chapters.

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